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Water … it’s the very source of life.
About 60% of the human body is water. The brain is about 70% water. The lungs are nearly 90% water. Clean, fresh water sustains us and sustains our environment. Without water, we cannot survive.
Yet today the health of Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater is threatened. The PolyMet NorthMet mine, the first proposed sulfide mine in the state, would take over 6,600 acres of National Forest and destroy over 1,100 acres of vital wetlands in the Lake Superior Basin. Based on the history of sulfide mining in other parts of the world, it is likely that this operation would pollute groundwater, streams, and rivers for thousands of years to come.
Volunteers make a difference!
Money is important, but volunteers are at the heart of WaterLegacy! We need your help to staff exhibits, plan events, make presentations, call supporters, update spreadsheets, improve our website, develop a social media presence, participate in reviewing government files — and more!
Please let us know how you would like to volunteer by clicking on WaterLegacy’s Volunteer Link and sharing your name, contact information, skills and interests. You can be a vital part of WaterLegacy’s effort to protect Minnesota’s water resources. 
WaterLegacy is effective.
When you volunteer with WaterLegacy, your time is well spent. Here’s a brief list of our recent accomplishments:
  • We recently won a lawsuit affirming the water quality standard that limits sulfates in wild rice waters.
  • Our advocacy has contributed to the preservation of the manganese standard for drinking water.
  • Our experts and citizen scientists are working to expose the flaws in Polymet’s analysis of mining impacts on water quality.
  • We have successfully pressured the MPCA to strengthen conditions in mining permits and to set limits on mining pollution.

According to Philanthropedia, a national organization that rates nonprofits, WaterLegacy is Minnesota’s #1 most promising startup non-profit in the environmental field.

WaterLegacy received an Environmental Stewardship Award from the Lake Superior Bi-national Forum for protecting Minnesota water resources. Judges recognized our group for its comprehensive outreach programs that helped inform Minnesota residents about the potential impacts of nonferrous mining activities. They were impressed with our ability to form and maintain successful partnerships with other groups and tribes to amplify your outreach campaigns and to reach diverse stakeholders. Volunteers help make this happen.

Volunteer today to ensure that we can continue to protect our essential water resources. We look forward to working with you.


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