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Oppose PolyMet Land Exchange Rip-off (HR 3115)!


Stop the PolyMet land exchange rip-off!  HR 3115 would prevent courts from doing their job and deny due process to citizens who want to make sure that federal environmental laws are applied to avoid a PolyMet land exchange subsidy.

People who depend on public land for hunting, fishing and gathering of plants need you to take action today. This project does not deserve a public subsidy to avoid paying a fair price for land!

Protect Wild Rice – Don’t Let MPCA Get Rid of Minnesota’s Wild Rice Sulfate Pollution Limit!

For years, lobbying by big corporate polluters and political pressure have interfered with enforcement of Minnesota’s rule that limits sulfate pollution to 10 parts per million (mg/L) in wild rice waters. 

Now, just as Minnesota’s first copper-nickel mine - the PolyMet sulfide mine project - is seeking a water pollution permit, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has proposed to eliminate Minnesota's wild rice sulfate limit and replace it with an equation that will not protect wild rice. 

Comment today and tell the MPCA to preserve Minnesota’s existing sulfate limit and enforce it year-round to protect all wild rice waters.

Stand Against Pollution of Wild Rice Waters at a Hearing Near You


Starting October 23 through November 2, hearings will be held across Minnesota in St. Paul, Virginia, Bemidji, Cloquet and Brainerd on MPCA’s proposed wild rice rule change.

Please come to a hearing near you to speak up and support other citizens in defending wild rice, clean water and environmental justice in Minnesota.

Let us know you're planning to stand with us and make your voice heard against this proposal experts call "scientifically indefensible". WaterLegacy will reach out to everyone who signs up to come to a hearing to provide talking points and support. 

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